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How Cabinet Coolers Work

How Cabinet Coolers Work

Hazardous Location
Cabinet Cooler® Systems

Hazardous Location Cabinet Cooler

EXAIR's HazLoc Cabinet Cooler Systems are engineered and approved for use upon purged electrical enclosures (not included) found within classified hazardous locations. They have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to meet the stringent requirements of these areas.

Approved Hazardous Locations
Class I Division I
Groups A B C D
Class II Division I
Groups E F G  
Class III All Divisions

The vortex tubes incorporated in EXAIR Cabinet Coolers are constructed of stainless steel. The wear, corrosion and oxidation resistance of stainless steel assures long life and maintenance free operation. All Cabinet Coolers are UL Listed and CE compliant.

EXAIR's HazLoc Cabinet Cooler Systems are not purged and pressurized control systems, and should not be relied upon nor used in place of a purged and pressurized controller. They are meant for use in conjunction with a purged and pressurized control system.


  • Programmable controllers
  • Line control cabinets
  • Motor control centers
  • Relay panels
  • NC/CNC systems
  • Modular control centers
  • CCTV cameras
  • Computer cabinets
  • Cool laser housings
  • Electronic scales
  • Food service equipment


  • Rated for Div I Hazardous Locations
  • UL Classified
  • Available in 8 different cooling capacities
  • No moving parts - low maintenance
  • Thermostat control reduces operating cost
  • Large range of cooling capacities up to 5,600 Btu/Hr
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Low cost

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