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How the E-Vac Works

How the E-Vac Works


E-Vac® Accessories

Vacuum CupsAll of EXAIR's vacuum cups are constructed of durable vinyl. They are ideal for general purpose applications and provide excellent resistance to wear. The Durometer rating (used to indicate the flexibility and stiffness of the cup) is A50. Temperature range is 32°F (0°C) to 125°F (52°C). Available cup shapes are: round, oval, and bellows.

E-Vac Mufflers

Optional silencing mufflers are available that permit maximum exhaust of the E-Vac unit so cycle speed is not reduced.

Push-in connector fittings are available for vacuum cups that are remotely located from the E-Vac. Most are available with NPT and BSP threading and can be installed on the E-Vac and the vacuum cup. Polyurethane vacuum tubing and mounting clips are available to connect them. A vacuum check valve is available to hold vacuum in case of compressed air loss. The check valve is designed for high flow so that it doesn't restrict airflow or slow the E-Vac's operation. E-Vac Accessories

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