In-Line E-Vac
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How the E-Vac Works

How the E-Vac Works


In-Line E-Vac®

In-Line E-Vac

EXAIR's In-Line E-Vac series are single stage, cylindrical vacuum generators that are compact and easy to mount at the point of use. The In-Line E-Vac can be held in place by threading them directly onto a compressed air line or with the use of a mounting clip. This style can easily pass dust or small particulates. EXAIR offers models that are suitable for use when lifting porous materials (like wood) and non-porous materials (like glass). The "porous" models have vacuum levels up to 21" Hg (71 kPa) with vacuum flows up to 18.5 SCFM (524 SLPM). The "non-porous" models have vacuum levels up to 27" Hg (91 kPa) with vacuum flows up to 15.8 SCFM (446 SLPM).


  • Pick and place parts and equipment
  • Bag or package opening
  • Label placement
  • Vacuum forming
  • Mold evacuation
  • Vacuum filling
  • Leak testing
  • Evacuating containers
  • Clamping and chucking
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Surface mounting
  • Vacuum press for wood veneers and laminates
  • Carton forming
  • Robotic tooling
  • Vacuum liquids for testing


  • Compact, portable
  • Single stage design eliminates fluctuations in vacuum
  • Quiet
  • Instantaneous vacuum
  • Easy to mount at point of use
  • Lightweight, rugged
  • No moving parts - no maintenance
  • Many models to choose from
  • Fast response - increases cycle time
  • Durable 6061 aluminum construction
  • Safe operation - no electricity

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