Six Steps to Optimizing Your Compressed Air System

Digital Flowmeter

Digital Flowmeter

EXAIR’s Digital Flowmeter allows you to easily monitor compressed air consumption and waste! The digital display shows the exact amount of compressed air being used downstream and, by helping to identify costly leaks or inefficient air products, it is possible to save thousands of dollars per year in compressed air waste. Many companies install the Digital Flowmeter on each major leg of their air distribution system to constantly monitor and reduce compressed air usage.

The Digital Flowmeter has an LED display that directly indicates the airflow rate (SCFM or m3/hr) in the pipe that it is attached to. Other flow meters require the reading to be multiplied by a specific conversion factor to be accurate. Each Digital Flowmeter is calibrated for the specific pipe size to which it is mounted. An 18 VDC power supply is included with 100-240 VAC input and adapters for worldwide power receptacles.

The Digital Flowmeter is designed for permanent mounting to the pipe. It requires the user to drill two holes through the pipe using the included drill bit and drill guide. No cutting, welding, adjustments or calibration are required.

EXAIR's Digital Flowmeter with wireless capability is available as a built in option for EXAIR digital flowmeters. The easy way to monitor compressed air consumption and waste can now be done wirelessly over a ZigBee® mesh network!

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